Online Help:

The Farmers' Markets and Roadside Markets map was created to showcase and promote markets where the community can purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. Please note that Farmers' Markets and Roadside Markets have seasonal and daily operating times that vary by location.

Using the Application

Basic Functions

On the toolbar at the top, click on to display the map legend.

On the map, click on a symbol or symbol to display information about a particular market.

On the toolbar at the top, click on to display the recipe of the month.

Options for searching Farmers’ Markets and Roadside Markets

On the toolbar at the top:

1. Click on the button and enter your address to find markets near you.

2. Click on the button to search for markets by county. Select the county you would like to search, then hit the “search” button and a table with search results will appear at the bottom of the screen. Click on a market within this table to get more information about that market.

3. Click on the button for options to search for a specific type of market. When you select an option from the list displayed, only those markets will appear on the map. For example, if you select “Senior” from the list, only markets that accept Senior Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program Vouchers will appear on the map.

Additional Information
Please complete the form to contact us with questions, comments, concerns.

To register a market that is not currently on the map, please click on the “Register a Market” banner in the bottom left hand corner of the map and complete the form.


Partners from the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control, the SC Department of Agriculture, the SC Department of Social Services, and the SC Association of Farmers Markets developed the SC Fruit and Vegetable Outlet Inventory.

SCDHEC GIS staff created the application utilizing ESRI® JavaScript API.