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SCDHEC has developed this web application to assist the public in understanding air quality monitoring issues. This tool shows the location of air quality monitoring stations in South Carolina, the parameters measured at each location with the site descriptions and historical graphs of the concentrations of major pollutants. For more information on the South Carolina's ambient air monitoring network, including current and past annual network descriptions and monitoring plans, please visit AmbientAirMonitoring.

Suggestions or comments on the web application can be emailed to flynntj@dhec.sc.gov.

Click for description of screening approach for Monitoring Data

Map Based Navigation

There are several ways to interact with the map:
1. Click on the basemap switcher to select the basemap you'd like to interact with
2. Roll your mouse roller to zoom in/out
3. Click the + or - to zoom in/out

Monitoring Information

To display the appropriate pollutant check the check box from the legend for the pollutant
you want to see on the map.
Click on the monitoring site to get the information about the site and historical graph.

Browser Compatibility

The application is supported on the following browsers: Microsoft IE 9+, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari.