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Pond Management What does 'Waterbody type' mean? Recommended fish per month based on estimated mercury levels
Impounded Managed:
Impounded Unmanaged:
Excavated Managed:
Excavated Unmanaged:

Impounded: An earthen dam was placed across a creek or stream

Excavated: Created by digging and removing soil from an area, creating a pit that fills with water

Managed: pond has been limed and fertilized in the past 3 years

Unmanaged: Lime and fertilizer additions has not occurred

Welcome to MyFish
Estimating Mercury in Small Pond Fish
What is MyFish?
The MyFish application provides an estimate of mercury in fish from small,constructed ponds within South Carolina.
Based on the estimated levels, advice is provided on the number of fish that can be safely eaten from that pond each month.

The MyFish calculator is ONLY applicable to small, constructed ponds. It is NOT applicable for public lakes, rivers, and
marine water bodies. Advice for fish consumption from these types of waters is found in the State Fish Consumption Advisories.

The MyFish application is intended for non-pregnant adults. If you are pregnant, may become pregnant, a nursing mother, or are
responsible for feeding young children please refer to the general advice provided by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
What kinds of fish are included?
Largemouth Bass and Bream. Bream represents sunfish species such as Bluegill Sunfish, Red Breast Sunfish, and Redear Sunfish.
What do I need to know to begin using MyFish?
  1. Location of your pond - To find your pond, enter an address, city, zip, county or point of interest in the
    "Search by Location" box found in the upper right corner. Select the appropriate choice from the drop down.
    You will automatically zoom to the selected site and a "pushpin" will appear, then click on your pond.
    A 'fish' will appear and the calculator will initiate. If the pond does not appear on the map or image
    click where you think it should be and an estimate will still be provided.
  2. Fish Type - Largemouth Bass or Bream.
  3. Fish Length - Measured in inches.
  4. How was your pond constructed?
    • Impoundment - An earthen dam was placed across a creek or stream.
    • Excavated Pond - Created by digging and removing soil from an area, creating a pit that fills with water.
    • More information about pond construction.
  5. How was your pond managed?
    • Managed - Pond has been limed and fertilized in the past 3 years.*
    • Unmanaged - Lime and fertilizer additions have not occurred.
    • More information about pond management.
* Disclaimer - While fish from ponds that are actively managed with additions of lime and fertilizer tend to have lower levels
of mercury, excess fertilization can cause other water quality problems. Information on pond management can be found through
the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources or the Clemson Extension Service.
Note - If you are unsure which category to choose for your pond use, select the most conservative (unmanaged impoundment).
After finding your pond, select the fish type and length, and press the calculate button.
The estimated number of fish that are safe to eat each month from your pond will be given.
How can I get more information?