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Welcome to the S.C. Beach Renourishment Application!

A product of the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control

This application is designed to provide information on completed renourishment efforts along the coast of South Carolina. The data represented in this application reflects the best available information for projects that have been permitted by DHEC-OCRM, its predecessor organization, the S.C. Coastal Council and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Additional renourishment projects have been completed, though detailed regulatory information is not readily available at this time. DHEC-OCRM will update this application as new projects are completed and historical documents are obtained.

Using the Application in a Browser

The application provides a simple interface to review beach renourishment projects in the state.

The 50 documented projects are grouped by beach. There are two viewing modes: Standard and Comparison.

In Standard Mode, choosing a beach in the list triggers the map interface to "zoom" to the selected beach, and expands the list revealing projects in that area sorted by year.

Choosing a project year project details such as sponsor, permit and cost, and highlight (red line) the extent of the project on the map interface.

In Comparison Mode, selecting a beach will trigger the map interface to zoom to the beach area and show the extents of all projects associated with that beach in an offset "comparison" view.

In Comparison Mode, choosing a project year provides the same project details as Standard Mode, but does not show individual project extents.

In either mode, the user can also see the sand borrow site(s) associated with a given project by clicking the "View Borrow Site" icon shown in the project details. *Some projects may NOT have a delineated borrow site.

This application provides no means for the user to interface with the map to obtain information. All controls are provided by the beach and project year listings. However, basic map navigation (pan, zoom, etc.) is enabled and the user has the ability to choose between two ESRI base maps - Imagery and Streets - by clicking the "Toggle basemap" icon on the banner pane.

Using the Application on a Smart Phone

Application functionality provided in a browser is available on a Smart Phone with a few exceptions:

1) The user does not have the ability to change the ESRI base map. Only "Imagery" is available.
2) The user cannot use "Comparison Mode". Only "Standard Mode" is available.

Also, due to limited screen size, the Seach interface (beach/year list) and Map interface must be toggled. Initially, the Search interface is present. The user can toggle between the Search and Map interface by clicking the "Map Toggle" icon on the banner pane.

Project Reference

ARCADIAN SHORES 1999 98-1W-103-P $4,093,218.00
ARCADIAN SHORES 2009 2007-01983-3IV $4,097,223.00
DAUFUSKIE 1998 97-1G-234-P $6,000,000.00
DEBIDUE 1990 89-3D-001-P $862,000.00
DEBIDUE 1998 96-1W-300-P $950,000.00
DEBIDUE 2006 2003-1W-309-P $5,600,000.00
DEBIDUE 2015 2008-1003-3IV Not Disclosed
EDISTO BEACH 1995 94-1T-009 $1,500,000.00
EDISTO BEACH 2006 2005-1W-182-P $7,700,000.00
EDISTO BEACH* 2017 2015-00528 $18,850,932.00
FOLLY BEACH 1979 CZC $33,000.00
FOLLY BEACH 1982 CZC $71,429.00
FOLLY BEACH 1983 CZC $71,429.00
FOLLY BEACH 1984 CZC $71,429.00
FOLLY BEACH 1985 CZC $71,429.00
FOLLY BEACH 1986 CZC $71,429.00
FOLLY BEACH 1987 CZC $71,429.00
FOLLY BEACH 1988 CZC $71,429.00
FOLLY BEACH 1990 CZC $600,000.00
FOLLY BEACH 1993 91-2R-022 $15,000,000.00
FOLLY BEACH 1998 CZC $120,000.00
FOLLY BEACH 2000 CZC $307,610.00
FOLLY BEACH 2005 91-2R-022 $12,500,000.00
FOLLY BEACH 2007 91-2R-022 $8,185,000.00
FOLLY BEACH 2013 2012-237-2IG $2,300,000.00
FOLLY BEACH 2014 91-2R-022 $30,700,000.00
HILTON HEAD ISLAND 1990 87-3T-370-P $9,700,000.00
HILTON HEAD ISLAND 1997 96-1A-038-P $11,000,000.00
HILTON HEAD ISLAND 1999 97-1A-459-P $1,200,000.00
HILTON HEAD ISLAND 2007 2004-1W-319-P $19,000,000.00
HILTON HEAD ISLAND 2012 2009-1056-1IW-P $10,000,000.00
HILTON HEAD ISLAND 2014 2013-00695-1W $1,059,233.00
HILTON HEAD ISLAND 2016_1 2014-00680-1W $29,200,000.00
HILTON HEAD ISLAND 2016_2 2015-00220-1W $2,700,000.00
HUNTING ISLAND 1991 90-2T-320-P $2,876,250.00
HUNTING ISLAND 2003 Section 14 Project $2,480,250.00
HUNTING ISLAND 2005 Section 14 Project $1,666,324.00
HUNTING ISLAND 2006 2005-1W-129-P $4,379,300.00
ISLE OF PALMS 1984 83-4D-014 $1,000,000.00
ISLE OF PALMS 2008 2007-02631-2IG $10,600,000.00
MYRTLE BEACH 1987 85-2T-069 $4,736,000.00
MYRTLE BEACH 1997 92-2R-199 $16,870,194.00
MYRTLE BEACH 2009 92-2R-199 $17,612,822.00
NORTH MYRTLE BEACH 1997 92-2R-199 $20,154,213.00
NORTH MYRTLE BEACH 2008 92-2R-199 $9,554,008.00
PAWLEYS ISLAND 1999 97-1W-447 $1,300,000.00
SEABROOK ISLAND 1990 89-2T-120-P $1,660,000.00
SULLIVANS ISLAND 1998 97-1W-330-P $230,000.00
SURFSIDE-GARDEN CITY 1998 92-2R-199 $14,294,614.00
SURFSIDE-GARDEN CITY 2008 92-2R-199 $10,448,954.00
WAITES ISLAND 1982 CZC $850,000.00

*Budgetary estimates for Edisto 2016 renourishment. Budgeted funding total also reflects enhancement of 26 groins.
 Funding totals may be revised pending final analysis by the Town of Edisto Beach.

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More Information

Should you require additional information on beach renourishment in S.C. or have questions/comments about this application, please contact DHEC - OCRM at 843-953-0200.

Browser Compatibility

S.C. Beach Renourishment application is supported on the following browsers: Microsoft IE 8/9/10, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple Safari.
For IE, if the application does not display correctly configure the IE browser to trust the site in compatibilty view. Instructions on how to do this in the various IE versions are found in the link below.

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Sources and Acknowledgement

Data displayed in this application was derived from regulatory permitting documents maintained by the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control, Ocean and Coastal Resource Management (DHEC-OCRM), and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Supplemental information was sourced from Kana, Timothy W., (2012). A brief history of beach nourishment in South Carolina. Shore and Beach, Vol. 80, No. 4, pp 9-21.

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (S.C. DHEC) maintains this website as a service to the public. While S.C. DHEC makes every effort to provide accurate and complete information, data may change prior to updating. S.C. DHEC provides no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of furnished data.