Shoreline change rate values, also known as long-term erosion rates (LTER), are available through this web application. In order to view a rate for a segment of shoreline, select a beach, then zoom in on the property of interest. Using your mouse, hover over the setback line until you see a hand icon. Using the hand icon, click on the setback line closest to the property of interest. A dialog box will pop up with the shoreline change rate value. For more information about how these values were calculated, download the line report for the beach of interest.
For the 2016-2018 establishment cycle, the setback was established by Act 173. The setback distance is usually established by multiplying the shoreline change rate, or long term erosion rate (LTER) by 40. Therefore, the setback distance may not reflect the shoreline change rate value (or long-term erosion rate).